The Whisperdales Wander

An easy circular route with lots of variations possible. Mostly on forestry track with some minor road and bridleway.

From the car park, take the forestry track/bridleway South-West and downhill into Whisperdales. It's a fun ride, but not difficult. At (9629933) either cross the beck for a difficult, narrow ride, or stay on the farm track which is easy, but can be very muddy. Riding through the beautiful Whisperdales and Lowdales brings you to a farm and ford (954916). It is possible to ride through the ford if you are confident. Wet feet are a possibility. Alternatively, walk over the footbridge.

Turn right onto the minor road to Highdales and ride up the hill. The road ends at a gate to some houses (951926). Go through their driveway to a bridleway and follow it uphill into the woods. This path is ridable in places, but can be overgrown. If you're quiet, you might see deer here.

Once you're back into the forestry land, a look at the map will give the options of either joining a major forestry track/bridleway back to the car park, or countless variations are possible exploring the forestry tracks. There is quite a good view from Barns Cliff End. Most of the tracks are solid, although occasionally rutted by logging vehicles.

This ride is a good first off-road expedition and a pleasant way to spend a couple of hours on one wheel.

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